Sunday, May 06, 2012

Get Back, God's Got My Back

Hello, Sunday. I'm sitting here, still in my jammies, in my bed. I have Diet Dew, chocolate milk and Reser's Teriyaki Stix on the little table beside me.

I'm doing absolutely nothing and neither is my troll.

Last night's "Super Moon" has sailed on and its quiet in the parking lot.

I paid my rent and this room is mine for the month. I purchased an armful of cleaning supplies, yesterday and swept the dirt out of here. Then I changed the bed linens and did my laundry. It looks and smells good in here, now.

Yes, I am officially in port and tied to the dock. I will watch cable broadcasts on my analog TV, cook regular meals in my microwave, sleep well in my comfy bed and also in my big tub when it's filled with bubbles.

I almost lost my chance to do this. Nefarious beings were at work in Prineville, Oregon but I met some angels on my way back to John Day. They made sure that I had what I needed to get the key back in my hand.

Yes, I know that someone in Prineville is going to be very upset when she realizes what happened. But this just proves that God loves me, too. And in the end...I will always be alright with Him.

"You almost had your hooks in me, didn't ya, dear/ You almost had me roped and tied..." --Lyrics from the song, "Someone Saved My Life, Tonight" by Bernie Taupin and Elton John.

Yeah, Prineville woman...let this be a lesson to YOU.

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