Monday, May 14, 2012

The Guilty Person Always Leaves Clues


[[Tatyana's burial service will be at Evergreen Memorial Gardens, 1101 NE 112th Avenue in Vancouver, WA 98684. It will be Thursday, May 17th at 11am. After the burial service,  family and friends will be gathering at 18615 NE 29th Ave Ridgefield, WA 98642.

A Memorial service will be held at Love of God Church, 10014 Northeast Glisan Street, Portland, OR 97220 on Wednesday evening at 7pm.--Information from "JUSTICE FOR TATYANA"  (On Facebook).]]


[[Detectives are seeking witnesses who might have seen any suspicious activity at around 9 p.m. Wednesday just north of the Battle Ground Cinemas.

Anyone with information about a suspect vehicle can call Detective Joshua Phelps at 360-342-5254 or email him at at  There is also a tip line at where an anonymous tip can be sent.--Information from "JUSTICE FOR TATYANA"  (On Facebook).]]

You know what happened to Tatyana. Your identity didn't die with that young lady. And now the time for tears has come. Soon, a circle of heartbroken people will stand together and whisper their goodbyes to their loved one and friend: Miss Tatyana Tupikova.

And where will you be, then?

The angels are still standing guard, as they have since you took that beautiful young woman's life.

They're waiting for you.

You have left this, undone. You have one thing left to do: confess. I guarantee that you will be much better off, facing the angels, than what will come after you, if you don't.

It is crucial that someone speaks up. Tatyana died, all alone, on that road. But it is possible that somebody saw something or knows something, now. Anyone in Washington State or Oregon, might know someone:

1.) Who has a car or truck that sustained damage, recently.

2.) Who is very nervous or agitated.

3.) Who is suddenly staying indoors a lot.

4.) Who has changed their appearance.

5.) Who is driving a different car or truck now.

6.) Who is missing work.

7.) Who is not sleeping well.

8.) Who is drinking more alcohol than usual.

9.) Who is avoiding or following news reports, more than usual, on TV, in the newspaper or online.

Think about it.

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