Sunday, May 13, 2012

Justice For Tatyana: The Gloves Are Off


Tatyana is gone. Her soul has flown away. And we are left here...with something evil. And that
evil is still alive...threading its way between us like an unholy black ribbon. It wants to bind us all
together and blind us with the illusion that...nobody is really responsible for Tatyana's death and
her demise is really nobodies problem.

I won't be fooled and I see the situation, as far as I know from the FACTS provided, for what it

"A trucker didn't hit her"..."I don't think that she was really hit by a driver"... "Just because she
has Russian ties doesn't mean that she was killed on purpose"...are some of the words that other
people have written to me.

Yet, if there is anyone, besides the cops, who is watching this case unfold, with cynical's me.

That might surprise you...but it's true.

I think that Tatyana's life may have been taken by someone who is either tightly tied to this case
right now or avoiding it as much as possible. A vehicle, perhaps a pickup, delivery or tractor-
trailer truck may be involved. And I think that the driver who is responsible for Tatyana's death
is from the local area.

And, as I referred to it, on Facebook, today as "THE 800 POUND GORILLA IN THE ROOM" there is the possibility that: Tatyana may have been killed on purpose. 

It will be up to Battle Ground, Washington to tell me the truth.

Because I believe that the truth is there...back in that Community...tracing and re-tracing every
step that Tatyana took before she died.

The angels are waiting and the evil is binding and now the question is: Which one is going to win
this round?

I guarantee that God will be the final judge. He watched everything that happened the day that Tatyana tumbled into that grassy ditch. And He has Tatyana's soul now.

What does the evil have?

A lie. The evil has a lie.

Tatyana's soul will live forever.

The lie will not.

And that is part of the REAL TRUTH.

So where are you, guilty person? What sort of lies have you been telling yourself?

I hope that you turn yourself in. You're dealing with something far, far greater than yourself, now. KNOW THAT.

If you don't confess, then I hope that your soul disintegrates in a horrible way. I hope that terrible
nightmares terrorize your nights and I hope that a loop of ugly memories wrack your mind every

You might be able to repair the damage to your vehicle but you'll never fix things with God, until
you face Him.

As far as I know, Tatyana didn't set out to kill YOU the other day. YOU TOOK HER LIFE. And
even if you don't answer to God right away, for what you did...LIFE MIGHT JUST EVEN UP

Consider yourself warned.

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