Tuesday, May 08, 2012

My Clampett Cabin

I took some quick shots of my Clampett Cabin, with my cell phone, to give you an idea of what it's
like here:

The aging analog TV is locked on its little swivel stand.
My question is: Who would want to steal it? Thank God
the air conditioner is a modern and recent addition!

For some reason,this bed is old but very comfortable. I think
that the bedspread is from the Sixties.

I have an old clock radio, sitting on top of an equally
ancient microwave. Note the portable heater beside it. My
faithful cane is leaning against the wall.

The bathroom is surprisingly bright and well-maintained.
But no, I don't have a rubber duckey...yet.
A small, stainless steel refrigerator sits on a counter at the
back of the room. I also have a coffee maker. A large
mirror always seems to ask me, "Do you really want to
eat that?"

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