Friday, May 25, 2012

National Missing Children's Day: Take 25


Today is National Missing Children's Day. It is also the day after the arrest of the man now believed to be the kidnapper and killer of Etan Patz.

Etan Patz is one of many children who have gone missing in the United States. And I believe that it is time, that the good citizens of this Country, take a stand.

Do Something!

A boy has been stolen from his school, a girl has been stolen while she was walking her bike, kids have even vanished while playing in their own front yard.

The Internet is loaded with websites and videos related to numerous missing child cases.

It's time for people to fight back against the evil.

One of the best preventative measures that parents, guardians, foster parents and teachers can utilize right now is: COMMUNICATION!

Every child, who is capable of understanding, should know what this day is all about and why it's so important. Every child in the U.S.A. should know how to stay safe.

That is the purpose behind "Take 25" . This effort is encouraging those who are responsible for our Nation's children to take 25 minutes to teach children about safety.  The saying, "Better safe than sorry" is becoming more and more relevant next to the current missing child statistics.

Etan Patz, most likely, never had a chance. But this year, the only thing that I would like to see the National problem of missing children.

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