Friday, May 18, 2012

The Next Big Thing

As most of you know, I am off the road, right now. After hitchhiking in Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington State, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, California and Oregon...for the past six months...I was ready for a break.

And I sure am having one, now.

I haven't gotten into a foolish altercation and killed someone like George Zimmerman did. I haven't treated the people around me like a means to an end and am now facing prison, like John Edwards is. I haven't turned my body into a piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken or posed for photographers without a bra on, like Tan Mom Krentcil has. And I sure as heck haven't crossed private boundaries and become Harvey Levin's favorite bad boy on TMZ, like John Travolta is, now.

I'm not keeping an imaginary score, of how many jobs have been created or lost in the United States over the past four years, like Mittens Romney is doing.

Nor am I on the verge of making a gazillion more dollars, today, like "Big Boy Blue", Mark Zuckerberg.

No, I have just put on the brakes and while I waited for the wheels to stop turning, I cruised right into a nice, easy stop.

And that's okay with me.

I'm going to munch on Triscuit crackers, drink a few more bottles of Diet Dew, watch Judge Mathis on TV, talk smack with the locals and not much else. Not for awhile.

No, I'm just going to enjoy the peace that I have, right now. Not in Moonrise Kingdom, but in this high-desert valley. I have some catching-up with myself, to do.

Until the next big thing comes along.

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