Monday, May 21, 2012

Now Hear THIS! Updated

UPDATE: The teacher in this video is now suspended.

This video is up to over 921,884 hits and climbing.

This is the RELATED STORY.

The teacher in the controversial video is Tanya Dixon-Neely. The student is Hunter Rogers.

Here is my open letter to the teacher...

Ms. Tanya Dixon-Neely:

You are a fool.

You thought that you could behave the way that you did without ever facing any repercussions.

You've been caught red-handed...being an ignorant, raving idiot in your own classroom.

This is not the first time that this has happened to a so-called "teacher", either.

Years ago, Ms. Dixon-Neely, a girl was having problems with a teacher. She went home to her mother and told her all about it. The mother gave the daughter a tape-recorder (this was before cell
phones are as common as they are now) and showed her how to use it. The mother and daughter re-
hearsed what the daughter should do with the tape recorder.

The next day, the daughter went back to school, with the small, handheld tape-recorder in her hand. Once the teacher started in on the girl, the kid pushed the "RECORD" button. The girl watched the clock and then excused herself and went to the restroom. She then turned off the recorder and put it
back in her pocket.

When the girl got home, she and her mother listened to the tape, together. Then the mother contacted the school and arranged to have a meeting with the teacher. On the day of the meeting, the teacher showed up with her Union representative in tow.

Neither the mother nor the daughter had said anything before the meeting about the tape.

But after the teacher finished giving the mother a line of bullshit, the mother pulled out the tape recorder and turned it on.

From what I understand, the teacher was mortified, officially chastised and watched her words and her behavior, after that.

You see, Ms. Dixon-Neely, that teacher had never heard herself on tape. Not when she was raving at the girl in this story. Once she did, she was sorely embarrassed.

I suggest that you apologize to that student that you yelled at and lied to, Ms. Tanya Dixon-Neely. He had every right to deliver his opinion in that classroom. He didn't raise his voice, YOU did. He asked a question. This is still the United States of America and everyone is free to peacefully express their opinion. He expressed his and you told him that people who criticize the President risk being arrested.

That's a lie, Ms. Dixon-Neely and you should be ashamed of  yourself for telling that student such a thing. And you shouted your lie, as if the level of your voice would turn that lie into the truth.

You're a pathetic part of the American education system and, in my opinion, too ignorant to have the job that you have.

Shame on you. I hope that video goes viral and is played over-and-over for a long time.

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stark3923 said...

teachers do not need raises and more benefits - they need to be held accountable -to do the actual job they where hired to do...teach with respect and act like they have a professional education. lead by example. = IMO