Monday, May 21, 2012

Robin Gibb: Sayin' Goodbye


I admit it, I have been a Bee Gees fan for years. The first time that I heard the Brothers Gibb was at an old friend's apartment. She had just bought an album and she couldn't wait to play it (vinyl on turntable). From the first song, I decided that the Bee Gees had a great sound.

And come on, who hasn't cleaned their home (at least once) to the sound of the Bee Gees tunes?

The entertainers that I grew up with are going away, one-by-one. When I saw Mick Jagger on "Saturday Night Live"  , I was stunned by old he looks now. But that's how life works, doesn't it?

(Shoot, even "Saturday Night Fever's John Travolta looks bad, now...but maybe that's because he IS bad!)

In fact, the only male entertainer that seems to be aging gracefully these days is Tom Selleck. (Don't
you just love his portrayal of  "Jesse Stone"?

So when I found out this morning that Robin Gibb has died, I was kind of sad. He was mainly responsible for the Bee Gees unique sound. He had that cool vibrato in his voice that was totally lampooned on an episode of "Saturday Night Live." And that episode was hilarious!

Yes, the truth matter how rich or famous or talented a person may be...eventually they're going to die.  I suppose that is a fact that each of us should keep in mind...while we're still here.

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