Sunday, May 06, 2012

Ruthie In The Sky, Upgrade

Upgrading this blog is going to be quite a project:

1.) Add a separate section for each missing child that I am going to feature.
2.) Add a separate section for my channel on YouTube.
3.) Go through every post in the blog, from 2004 until now and update it or
pull it. I will check for broken links, replace photographs and generally
tighten everything up.

I wasted three hours today, trying to get something done. No matter how hard I tried,
it just wouldn't work. Then I did a search on Google and discovered a new website. The
site provided me with the exact chunk of code that I was looking for. I'm happy now but
I think it's funny.

That's how life is, sometimes: A lot of search and very little solution.

But in the end, the search is always worth the satisfaction, isn't it?

Good luck on whatever moves you through your Monday.

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