Monday, May 07, 2012

Tangled Up In Terri

I wonder, sometimes, if Terri Moulton ever reads my blog. Maybe she does and maybe she doesn't.

I do know that a few of my videos, which focused on the Red Rat, sure made somebody mad.

But then, that was the whole point. Or part of it, anyway.

Now that I have set up my "base of operations" (*Laugh*) I can focus on Ms. Pissed-Off Pris,
again. Only this time, I will plan my trip in a much better way.

Yeah, Terri...there was a time when I thought that you were innocent and maybe you were keeping quiet for all the right reasons. But then the dirt started to follow the water, as it went under the bridge...and, I just believe that you're guilty as Hell, itself.

And I'm sure that you know exactly where Kyron is. Yes, you do.

But the funny part about that is...maybe I do, too.

See, it struck me like lightening awhile back...right out of the blue, Otis, waking up from
a drunk and experiencing an epiphany: Kyron has a mole underneath his eye. You can see it in all of
his photographs.

Even the one that you supposedly took of him at Skyline school on June 4, 2010.

Yes, you have photographs of Kyron, don't you, Terri?

Some of them are in pixels and some of them are tangled up in your memory.

And they just won't go away, will they, Terri?

Yeah, you can tell Kyron a lie and even dye his hair. But that mole might require a bit more effort to hide.

But what are you going to do with me?

"Oh, what a tangled web you weave...when you practice to deceive."

The "Run For Kyron" is coming up in June. And when June 4 comes around, again...where will you run, then?

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