Saturday, May 12, 2012

Did You Kill Tatyana Tupikova?



[[Tatyana's burial service will be at Evergreen Memorial Gardens at 1101 NE 112th Avenue, Vancouver, WA 98684. It will be on Thursday, May 17th at 11am. After the burial service, family and friends will be gathering at 18615 NE 29th Ave Ridgefield, WA 98642.

 A Memorial service will be held at Love of God Church, 10014 Northeast Glisan Street, Portland, OR 97220 on Wednesday evening at 7pm.--Information from "Justice For Tatyana" on Facebook]]

[[Battle Ground BurgerVille is hosting a fundraiser for Tatyana. Please join us, hold signs, eat some yummy food or help bus tables. May 23rd, 2012 from 5 to 8pm.--Informaton From "IN MEMORY OF TATYANA TUPIKOVA" (On Facebook).]]

[[If anyone would like to make a donation to help Tatyana's family, you can do so at any US Bank. The account number is 153564700513, in care of Tatyana Tupikova.--Information From "IN MEMORY OF TATYANA TUPIKOVA" (On Facebook).]] 

[[The Yo Factory in Battle Ground has agreed to having a donations box set up for Tatyana's family. They will also be matching donations up to the first $1,000.--Information From "JUSTICE FOR TATYANA" (On Facebook).]]





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Alex Reinhold
News Release from: City of Battle Ground BATTLE GROUND POLICE SEEKING
Posted: May 12th, 2012 2:07 PM

On Friday, May 11th at approximately 3:00 pm, Clark County Fire & Rescue
... received a report from a passer-by that a body was observed in a ditch
along the east side of SR503 between Eaton Boulevard and Main Street in
Battle Ground, just north of the Battle Ground Cinemas. Battle Ground
Police Department and Clark County Fire & Rescue responded to the scene
and confirmed that the victim, a woman, was deceased.

The deceased has been positively identified as Tatyana Tupikova, a 22
year old female that lived in Battle Ground. Tatyana had been missing
since the night of Wednesday May 9th, but was not reported until
Thursday as a missing person.

The Battle Ground Police Department, as well as detectives with the
Regional Major Crimes team, comprised of detectives from the Clark
County Sheriff's Office, Vancouver Police Department and the Washington
State Patrol are currently conducting an investigation into the death.

An autopsy was performed on the deceased this morning at the Clark
County Medical Examiner's Office. The cause of death was determined to
be blunt force trauma. Detectives are seeking witnesses to any
suspicious activity on the evening of Wednesday May 9th after
approximately 9:00pm in the area where Tatyana was found.

The investigation reveals that the victim was an apparent pedestrian who
was possibly struck by a vehicle. At this time, Battle Ground Police
are investigating the incident as a hit and run.

Anyone having information regarding a suspect vehicle or witnesses are
should contact Detective Joshua Phelps at (360) 342-5254 or
electronically at  There is also a TIP line
at where you can leave an anonymous tip.]]


My Original Post:
They found 22-year-young Tatyana Tupikova's body, crumpled in the grass, on the side of a rural highway in Washington State. Local and State law enforcement believe that she is the victim of a

In other words, the cops think that somebody hit Tatyana and just kept on going.

In any case, this story really bothers me.

I have hitchhiked for over eighteen-years and I was never involved in a major accident. (Although,
at this point in the investigation, I don't consider Tatyana's death to be a mere "accident.")

As far as I'm concerned (or until I learn otherwise) someone murdered Tatyana...and possibly
drove if her life never meant a thing.

I visited Tatyana's Facebook pages and took a peek into the world of that sweet young lady's life.
Her pages reflect the images and words of a typical young adult...a woman just starting out:
Her last posts referred to how she wished that she could be "outside" in the nice weather instead
of stuck doing laundry and working. Her photo page includes images of Tatyana and friends...goofing around in front of the camera.

Now I look at those photos and I wonder what happened on that stretch of highway, just before
Tatyana died.

I want to know who killed her. I have a suspicion but I won't elaborate, here. But if, in fact, Tatyana is the victim of a hit-and-run...I will now ask the person responsible to turn himself or herself in to
the police.

It's bad enough that people who love Tatyana are without her, now. But you, whoever you are, have
no business disregarding what you did...anymore than you had the right to leave Tatyana to die, alone by that road.

I didn't know Tatyana. But I have stood beside country roads, rural highways and Interstate freeways for years. And I've walked, with my back to the traffic, with my thumb out...over and over again. I know that God walked every mile with me. And I believe that God's angels stayed by Tatyana after
you hit her...and they waited for you to come back.

I think that is why Tatyana's body wasn't found, right away: Because God was waiting for you to return and do the right thing.

But you didn't.

How will you live with that for the rest of YOUR life?



Anonymous said...

She is my friend... You took her from her family. Do the right thing, do what you should have done. Come forward. Because of your careless regard for her life, she is gone.... You ran and now she is gone.

Morgan said...

Tatyana was an amazing person. I've had the pleasure of calling her a friend for about 15 years. She was a member of our family. She went with us on many family camping trips.

Tatyana was a person who's happiness and love for life will always be missed. My heart is broken. This is the worst thing I've ever had to live through.

503 is a very busy road, I've never driven on it and not seen a lot of other vehicles. Someone did this, someone saw something, and someone has a heavily damaged vehicle. Please, come forward.

Unknown said...

This is so condolences to her family. I know her father he used to work for me as a truck driver. What a great guy he would help anybody and loves his big family very much and now this happens to his terrible and like the person said in previous post 503 is a pretty busy road and someone must of seen something. RIP Tatyana you will be truly missed

Anonymous said...

I am sad for her family, I knew her for a short time while I worked in battle ground, she was very sweet and did not deserve this. I hope the person that did this comes forward, you need to face what you have done.

Ruthie Rader said...

One last word about Tatyana:

I am aware of the discussion about my blog. You, who are involved in that discussion, know exactly what I am referring to.

I hate bullies. They have no place on this Earth and don't have any place in Heaven, either.

So, I letting you know, right here and right now, that you better tread very carefully around me.

I've been on the road, picked up by all kinds of people and gone through all kinds of scenarios, in 49 States and through most of Canada...and I have developed "a keen sense of vibe."

Remember that.

Tatyana, by what I understand, was a sweet person.

I'm not Tatyana and I'm not sweet.

I have a good heart but I also have a strong sense of purpose.

Heed my words. I guarantee you that God has...every day of my fifty-six years.

Put that on a t-shirt.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it was a hit-and run. It all sounds suspicious to me. This tragedy really struck me! I live in Battle Ground and just cannot realize that someone would do such thing! Its scary knowing that there are crazy people out there! Its scary thinking that it may of happened to me!

Ruthie Rader said...

Really, now.

And just why do you think that it "may have happened" to you?

Who are you in this situation?

Yes, there are "crazy people" "out there."

But that won't stop justice from finally being served.

And it will be.

So, whether Tatyana's death is the result of a hit...or a hit-and-run...God will prevail in the name of Tatyana Tupikova.

One final thought: I have no respect, nor does God have forgiveness, for those who kill their own.