Sunday, June 03, 2012

A Conviction...Of Another Kind


This is the case that I am going to follow this Summer: The legal showdown between the mother and the step-mother of missing Kyron Richard Horman.

Desiree Young, Kyron's mother, is fed up and rightfully so. She has been waiting to see her son since the day that he disappeared: June 4, 2010.

Now she is beginning a legal fight that I hope will be the catalyst that finally brings Kyron home, again.

Those who are familiar with this case are eyeing photos of Etan Patz and wondering what Desiree is going to do, now. It's true that Kyron's life hangs in the balance but so does justice. And it's high time that both Kyron and justice were pulled together in court.

I also believe that the facts surrounding the Etan Patz disappearance should also be considered in this case. When the truth was finally told, we learned that young Etan Patz didn't make it very far from his home on the day that he disappeared. Maybe Kyron didn't, either.

Kyron Horman may have been the victim of an arranged abduction...or maybe not. But Terri Moulton's heart was surely destroyed long before her stepson vanished.

And now?

Now, Terri has earned a two-year record of silent cowardice. She has lived many years past Kyron's age and she has no excuse for putting herself before that boy.

I wonder, is the boogieman that you're cringing from really worth turning your back on Kyron and your own daughter, Kiara, Terri?

What have you won through this whole ordeal?

What is your prize?

The boogieman has to be taken down, Terri...before it takes any more innocence, away.
Desiree is already standing for what is right, it's YOUR turn.

Stop scheming, Terri...and just STAND UP!

Desiree has started the legal wheels turning,, it's time that YOU, Terri...have a true CONVICTION OF THE HEART.


32beatspersecond said...

Ruthie -
I think you may be spot on with your theory about Kyron's fate resulting from a cancelled murder for hire.
I would even ponder a layer deeper and consider her silence to be a factor in her daughters well being...
Kyron was payment due and any backlash resulting from the transaction will be grounds for additional collection measures.
If Terri speaks Kiara goes too.
any thoughts?

Ruthie Rader said...

My first thought is that I would like to know who I am replying to.

Second, I get cranky when the threat of harm to children is implied.

Third, your words are interesting.

And last, but not, I won't elaborate.

Thank you for sharing.

32beatspersecond said...

First - if I state my name the trolls will feast...
second - it pained me to write it but the fact is some folks have no moral code and children suffer.
third - thank you.
lastly - I completely understand.