Tuesday, June 26, 2012

His Brand Old Set Of Fins


It's okay to be old. Just ask Charlie "Never-Put-A-Cork-In-My-Bottle" Sheen.

Charlie, according to some media sources, is finally starting to "grow up." I rather doubt that.

I think that he's just growing older...more in his body than in his mind.

Charlie Sheen  is aging. We all are.

I blogged a great deal about Sheen while he was going through his "Blithering Idiot" stage.

Now Charlie is not doing as much impromptu blithering, anymore (since he's returned to work)...he's just tinkering around with his ability to be an idiot.

He says he's sorry.

I agree. He is. Sorry Charlie.

So what is Charlie "Tuna-Into-My-TV-Show" going to try to hook us with now?

Welllll...his face, his voice and somebody Else's script...on a TV and a movie screen near you.

Sound familiar?


Really, you know, he's just the same crazy Charlie...swimming around in the shallow end of the pool...while he "bravely" struggles to show off...his brand old set of fins.

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