Monday, June 25, 2012

Iowa: American Crabby

These two, huge statues (and the suitcase that bears stickers from China and Bangladesh...yeah right, like anybody from Iowa would ever go to those places) stand by the Museum of Art building in downtown Duh...Buque (Dubuque), Iowa.

They fit right in, there. Yes, they do.

The statues are, of course, a take-off from the classic painting, "American Gothic" by Grant Wood.

And when I came upon this couple, while taking a stroll around the downtown area, I started to laugh. I mean, really now, they just fit right into the attitude of Iowa.

They're aloof, frowning and brandishing a pitchfork. How much closer to the Iowa bone could they get?

So, now...after my experience in Iowa (I'm leaving this State this coming weekend) I now have the perfect slogan for this corn crib: "IOWA: AMERICAN CRABBY."

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