Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Kyron Horman: Back To The Future


It took two years but one of my wishes has finally been granted, a new age-advanced picture of missing (now nine-years-old) Kyron Richard Horman has FINALLY been released.

I believe that a great deal of crucial time was wasted before this picture was produced. And I think that there is no excuse for the lag...but at least we have the drawing, now.

It's true that Kyron may be deceased, but until I know, for sure, I'm not going to accept that possibility as fact. I believe that Kyron is alive.

And I still believe that Terri Moulton (Horman) is directly involved in Kyron's disappearance. However, I have widened my scope quite a bit, since June 4, 2010. Have I ever!

I have a theory, about WHAT HAPPENED TO KYRON, that apparently hasn't elicited much public or online discussion. I am considering that theory, now.

In the meantime, at least we have this new picture now...thank you to the NATIONAL CENTER FOR MISSING AND EXPLOITED CHILDREN for finally providing this updated drawing of Kyron Horman.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ruthie In the Sky,

I've been following along on your blog.

I contacted the Portland FBI last year on June 1, 2011

There are many many strange coincidences in this case, that I don't think are coincidences at all.

Isn't Eskimo the one with that creepy poem?

Why do you think Eskimo goes to Greshem?

Every day I pray for Kyron and his family, and those of us who continue to search for answers.

Many Blessings to you :)

Ruthie Rader said...

Always remember and never forget:

Where an Eskimo goes is always dictated by the leader dog.

Thank you for your comment.