Friday, June 01, 2012

Kyron Horman: Maybe It's THIS Way



"I will pursue anybody who helped Terri take Kyron away from me."--Kyron's Mother, Desiree Young.

"There are tools available to me that will allow us to peel away the mystery surrounding Kyron's disappearance"--Desiree Young's Attorney, Elden Rosenthal.

I already posted, in my latest "Private Message", that I detest bullies. I don't like mean, hateful, angry, ugly, selfish, bad people. They are of the devil and go nowhere beyond that...except into a pile of corrupt and rotting flesh. The difference between those bullies and good people is the final destination of their soul. Good people's souls go to Heaven. Bad people's souls don't go anywhere...they just die within the body. Period.

Bad people spend their entire mortal existence being destructive. That's all they do and no more. They believe that there is no God. They hold tight to that delusion. And they never, ever really live.

They are fools.

There is a set difference between fools and stupid people. Fools are bad on purpose and they never feel any remorse. Stupid people make bad decisions, sometimes, but they eventually feel remorse and then do what they can to correct what they did wrong. Stupid people have a conscience. Fools don't.

I am directing this post at the fools.

I have a new theory about what might have happened to Kyron Horman:

Remember when Terri Moulton was accused of trying to put a contract hit out on Kaine?

That got me thinking about something...

Suppose, (despite whatever actually did or did not happen with the landscaper allegation) that Terri contacted a very dangerous group of thugs who are tied to organized crime in Oregon (and other States). And suppose, before Kyron went missing, she tried to get one (or more) of the thugs to kill Kaine.

Then suppose Terri suddenly realized just how deep the water was that she was wading in. And suppose Terri suddenly couldn't or wouldn't pay the thugs what they asked for in exchange for the hit on Kaine. Maybe she got cold feet. And maybe she got scared.

Maybe she decided that those particular thugs were too ferocious for her to deal with. And maybe then, Terri decided to back out of the deal. And maybe then, the thugs didn't accept the fact that the deal was off. And so then, on June 4, 2010...the thugs took Kyron (who obviously would have a significant value on the World Pedophile Market) either from Skyline school or after meeting Terri on the road, somewhere.

You thugs know who you are. If I am right, then you now realize, for a variety of reasons (some of which I am not listing here) that I might be slowly connecting the dots.

If I am right, then you know that you are now being watched. You know how I know about you. And you also know why I am starting to put you together with Kyron.

If I am right, then I want you, oh guilty people, to know something: The information that I have gathered is already in other people's hands. It has been for quite some time and there is nothing whatsoever you can or will do about it.

Understand this: I'm angry. I think I know why Terri suddenly became so quiet and reclusive. I also might know why the Grand Jury appearances might have been something more than just interviews with a select group of people. I think I know why Officer Gates made the statement about "knowing something that we wish we didn't know." I think I know why Terri Moulton hasn't been arrested, yet.

Does anything sound familiar to you?

You may have won several battles but you aren't going to win this war. If I am starting to see the truth...then other people are, too.

Turn around and face your karma...because I guarantee's coming.

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