Saturday, June 09, 2012

The Road Away...

This is a road update...but it is also a story that will, hopefully, make some people think. And this post (and the lovely video) is dedicated to my friend, Lorena.

I sat on the guardrail, just outside of Weiser for hours, the other day. As the traffic passed by me, I slowly baked into the pavement.

Finally, a local cop pulled up and relief came at last.

He contacted a County Mountie, a female, who has the human qoutient of an ice queen. She just wanted to pack me into her po-po car, drive me to the county line and drop me off. Period.

I asked her if she would drive me to the rest area which is located about 20 miles north of Weiser. I said that I would be happy to spend the night there. I figured that I would just curl up in a corner of the main building and sleep until I woke up. Then I would gather my stuff together and move on.

She said that I couldn't do that. I happen to know, for a bona fide fact, that I sure could have done that. I did that very thing, at that particular rest area, about two years ago. But I didn't tell her, that. Oh no. I just sat there in the grass, rubbing my sore foot and watched her lie to my face.

It was late in the day, I was exhausted, my foot was killing me and the local cop recognized my condition with one glance. Officer Cruel-sickle did not. It was very obvious, as we had our little discussion on the side of highway 95, that she didn't give a damn about me, at all. At that point in time, the feeling was very close to mutual.

The local cop declared that he was going to "set me up" for the night, even if he had to do it, himself.

After spending the night before in "road construction no-man's land"...I was ready for a break.

Fifteen-minutes later, I got one.

The local cop gave me bottled water, called a source and brought me over to a nice, little motel. I took a bath and then went to bed...and slept like a bag of rocks.

The next day I was determined to get out of Weiser. So I walked out...past the guardrail and put out my thumb, again. This time, I got a response.

An older woman stopped her car and offered me a ride. She drove me about 14 miles outside of town and then dropped me off. I dropped my backpack in the grass and suddenly felt something watching me. I turned my head and saw a small herd of cows, grazing and gazing in my direction.

"What are you looking at?" I asked them.

They just stared.

I sat down on my backpack, sang a few bars of  "You Are So Beautiful" to my bovine audience and then turned my attention to the traffic on the road.

I finally got a ride that brought me to within two miles of Riggins...the creepiest town in the entire State of Idaho. There's something wrong in that community. I mean WRONG. It's small, quaint and hellbent on kicking the ass of anybody who needs anything while taking whatever it can get. Riggins Is Wrong. There's a bad vibe that runs right down the main street, there, like water after a rain.

All I wanted to do was make it to Grangeville, but I didn't get there, last night. Instead, I ended up, once again, in the office of a cop who really didn't give a damn.

He waited for the State cop to arrive and then pitched me, like a bad penny, to that man.

The State cop remembered that I had come through northern Idaho, two years ago. And he decided that my return gave him a good reason blow me off. Which he did.

I didn't have a jacket, a pair of gloves or a blanket to keep me warm. Instead, I was given the directions to an open-air gazebo and the small restroom building in the city park.

I walked down there and sat at a picnic table. The wind was cold and picking up speed while the sun dropped lower behind the hills. I knew that I had to do something and fast.

So I "called for backup." I pulled out my cell phone and called my friend, Lorena who lives in Colorado. I told her what was going on. She then called the cop in Riggins. As she worked her long-distance magic, she sent me updates via a series of text messages.

I sat down on a bench in the rest room.

I was tired and cold and disgusted. There wasn't a paper towel or a square of toilet paper in that rest room. There really wasn't any heat in there, either. I was fortunate enough to have my own kleenex and the local cop eventually showed-up with an oversized, thermal sleeping bag. The bag had no zipper or ties on it, so I just wrapped it around me and leaned back on that bench. But I didn't really was still too cold.

I left Riggins early this morning. And the farther that I moved away from that place, the happier I became.

When I stepped onto the pavement, here, in Grangeville, Idaho...I knew that I was going to have to contact the cops, again. I really wasn't looking forward to it.

But "Dr. D" is different. He is the exact opposite of those "root-shootin' redneck" cops in Riggins.

In a blink of his officer's eye, I was in this nice motel room...getting pruny and snoozing peacefully in the bathtub. Since then, I have aquired a new sleeping bag that I will actually be able to use, a warm jacket, gloves and a nice carrier for my laptop.

Like I said, I had to get to Grangeville. And I don't care if you agree, or not. I have my place in this world. The way I see it, no criminal has the right to sleep in a better place than I do.

Thank you, Local Cop, Lorena and Dr. D. for agreeing with me.




Rachel said...

I noticed that the template of your blog has changed. Is this an upgrade that you had to pay for through google?

I am just curious because I do not see any advertisment on your page nor do I see this type of template in the free templates offered through blogger.

Rachel said...

Why are men such creeps, jus say'n?

Ruthie Rader said...

First of all, "Rachel"...I would like to know who I am conversing with.

Who are you?

Second, I've never allowed any ads on my blog because that is not what my blog is about. This blog is a diary of my life as a hitchhiker, a time capsule that includes memories that go back to 2004 and a another way to showcase missing person cases on the Internet.

Yes, the blog is being updated but the template, can indeed, be accessed here on Blogger. I have simply made the template "my own."

No, I don't have to pay Google for this service.

Ruthie Rader said...

Rachel...People, of either gender, have the choice to be good or, as you put it, "creeps."

I'm not sure what you are referring to but you are welcome to send me an explanation.

Anonymous said...


I wanted to stop by here to be a source of encouragement and blessing to you. From time to time, I get hits at my blog from your blog and I wanted to also pay back the good will while I am at it.

First, I want to tell you how courageous I think you are. Your strength as a fellow human being is inspiring to me. Over time, I have come here to see where else you have traveled and to read your stories of the road.

Whenever I get discouraged, your experiences remind me that no matter how bad life gets, someone somewhere else in the world has it worse than I do.

YOU and your stories of the road have been a real blessing to me! Not everyone can just take to the road and live life like you do.

Just the other day, I was watching your Youtube channel and you reminded me of an old wise saying that holds real truth to it.

"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways,body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming “WOO HOO what a ride!”

You even quoted this. Each time I read about you being mistreated somewhere, I hurt because I realize from people who have taught me well that some people are God's angels in disguise. I believe that you are one of those angels in disguise. Just my own opinion there.

Ruthie, I always wish you well and support you as you live your life's mission.

May you always find plenty of kind, compassionate people, plenty of rides from generous people, and may you always be provided each and every human need. God bless you, Ruthie! Keep writing and making videos so all of us out here in the world know that our Ruthie is alive and well!

Though I don't know you personally, always know that you are cared about by more people than you know about.

Rachel said...

Hello Ruthie,

I have been following your blog for a while now, I started following it when Kyron went missing, then I started reading through the archives. I like the updates from the road, it feels like I have a friend out there that I have not met, I think you are a good writer.

As far as the guy thing goes, it would just be nice if I could find a nice guy who can look past my physical appearance i.e. I am a little over weight. I am working on it, anyway...

So I really like the new look of your blog, it looks pretty awesome. I have been thinking about blogging and your blog has a real professional look to it now so I was wondering if you upgraded your account to get that look, thats all.

Something really weird happened yesterday, I stopped by to see a friend of mine and she told me that she was going camping and I said, really? Where? Then she tells me that she is going camping in Riggins, ID. When she told me that I thought about what you wrote in your blog. The weird thing is... you were just in Riggins... and now she is going camping down there! Whats up with Riggins! Lol. Just weird. Take care.

Ruthie Rader said...


The last sentence told me more than anything else that you wrote. I am well aware, actually, of the M.I.B. and what is going on with them.

I am also aware of angels, of which I am not one but I know that they walk with me. Always and Everywhere.

We all have rights and we also have responsibilities. I know where I first heard that "old saying" and who showed it to me.

I also know that someone did something that they should never have done to a young woman who didn't deserve it. So when I posted that certain individuals should tread "very carefully" around me...I'm serious.

I'm not talking about the flame on my candle's wick...I am referring to God, who lit my wick in the first place.

Don't mess with God.

You will never find a way to tolerate His payback.

The United States is headed for a serious showdown, soon. The ramifications will be so great that everything else on our agenda-plate will no longer matter. At all.

And when the smoke clears, I know that God will gather His own and take them to a better situation.

Everyone in the USA will have a stake in this coming situation. So now it is crucial that each person here clears his and her deck of any "bad business."

And that includes...resolving the question of where every missing child (and adult) is and confessing to crimes against innocent people.

God will accept nothing less than that.

Do everything within your ability to "set things right."

You can admire me all that you want to. But you have a sacred duty to do what is right before God.

Thank you, M.I.B. for your assistance. Fidelitas Veritas Integritas

Ruthie Rader said...

Rachel, if you know that God loves you as a precious diamond twinkle in His eye...then you will have the best chance to live a happy and satisfying life.

When you decide to share parts of yourself...scatter them like rose petals of love to those around you...then you will be the one who will be the true "Mistress Of Miracles" in someone else's life.

There is no greater blessing than that.

Bring that to Riggins.

Anonymous said...

Ruthie, praying for your safety and that you are okay. I check your blog everyday and you haven't had an update since Saturday. Each day that you don't blog I pray you are okay. Love reading your blog. Be Blessed!

Ruthie Rader said...

Hello, Anonymous...I am working on an update, a beautiful rambling farmhouse...nestled among corn fields that are lined up to the central Minnesota.

I have quite a few photos to transfer from my phone to my laptop and they all have to be edited before they are posted.

Then I will have to tell the story of what has happened to me on the road.

Hopefully, my blog will have a great deal more to offer to you, by tomorrow morning.