Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update--Part One

The City of Grangeville, Idaho gave me a relaxing night in a nice motel...in an effort to prepare me for my long journey across the Country. I left there the next day and headed east. The road dropped down to two lanes and began to wind through tall, tree-covered hills. At one point, I sat just below the sign (pictured, above).

A couple from a church group came by and brought me to their meeting place for a big dinner. Then, after a great meal and pleasant conversation, they drove me to the little town of Kooskia, Idaho.

I stayed by the light pole (pictured above) off-and-on, for three days, before I finally got a ride out of Kooskia, Idaho.  

I sat there, by that road, for hours and tried to get a ride. But nobody (besides two weirdos and a drunk) stopped to pick me up.

I spent the first night of my stay in Kooskia...outdoors at the city park. It was chilly, sort of spooky but nobody ever bothered me.

The next morning, I drank a liter bottle of Diet Dew, washed my clothes at the local laundromat and then got a quick shower at a nearby RV park. After I got a bag of munchies from a grocery store, I headed back to the same spot where I had tried to get a ride, the day before. At the end of the second day, I was offered a better sleeping option in Kooskia.

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