Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update--Part Two

Just as the sun began to set, an elderly woman (in her 70's) stopped her pretty, little car and offered to take me to her house, for the night.

But when we rounded the final bend in the road, my jaw dropped. I was not one bit prepared for what I saw.

There, on its own little hill, stood an ENORMOUS house!

And I was more than happy to spend the night there!

It turns out that the woman, and her husband, are retired medical missionaries. They spent most of the 1960's in Papua, New Guinea. The man was a doctor and his wife was a nurse.

The woman told me about how she and her husband "met the locals" one day...and found out that they 
were practicing cannibals!

True story!

After sleeping in that city park, I enjoyed snoozing in the "million-dollar" house. The next day, the couple drove me to where they decided would be a better spot for me to catch a ride from. And, once again, I put out my thumb with the hope that I would finally leave Kooskia.

I was making progress but I was also getting very tired. All of the miles on the road, coupled with very little quality sleep, began to take a toll on me. In the above picture, I literally fell asleep for a few seconds, while holding my cell phone camera in my hand.

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