Saturday, June 23, 2012

What Happened To Me In Iowa--Part Five

The lady who worked the night shift there, named Renee, took it upon herself
to let me stay at her house for a couple of days.
I opened my laptop and discovered that it was irreparably broken.
So, there, in one fell swoop, went my laptop, my physical well-being
and my peace
of mind...after a bad fall that never should have happened...due to
the negligence
of whoever is responsible for that particular stretch of
sidewalk...and nobody on the
official side of things did anything to help me.
I stayed at the YWCA in Fort Dodge on Sunday night. The following morning, Renee
took me over to the ER at the hospital there in Fort Dodge. The people
there, including
the doctor, were wonderful. They did a CAT scan of my face, looked at
my tooth, bound-up
my hand, explained things to me and then discharged me with
instructions that I could
I stayed with Renee for a couple of days and then she drove me back
out to the road on
Wednesday. It was all that she could do. She had other things planned
for later that week
and that involved people in a previously-arranged housing situation.
So there I went back onto the road, again.
I can give you more information on what I went through before I
reached Dubuque. But I think
that you pretty much have the main focus, now. And speaking of focus,
I took photos of myself
while I was sitting there in the grass, on Sunday afternoon. I also
took pics of myself during my
ER exam the next day in Fort Dodge.
I have a sprained right hand (I can type but it makes my hand sore)
but there are other things
that I cannot do with my hand, yet. It is swollen and black-and-blue,
to some extent. My nose is
broken but is healing nicely, so far. But it hurts, too and is very
vulnerable which scares me whenever
I go out walking, now. My right front tooth is chipped...has a sort of
a hole in it and I have an appt.
with a dentist, here in town, for this coming Wednesday. My left knee,
for some reason, is giving me
trouble now and I don't know why.
But the thing that bothers me the how I was
treated...especially by the City of Algona. I want
to bring that to what exists of their conscience. I don't care about can have it all...I just
want a sincere apology and a promise that they will fix that sidewalk
and never, ever treat anybody like
they treated me...if anything similar ever happens to anyone else...again.


Anonymous said...

Sending you some positve vibes Ruthie from the UK, hope you are holding up. God Bless.

Ruthie Rader said...

Thank you, Anonymous...I have noticed several hits on my tracker, recently, that have come from various points in the UK.

I appreciate your vibes...I just wonder who you are.

Anonymous said...

I have communicated with you before Ruthie although only briefly. I find your blog a great read and I like what you do for missing children especially Kyron.

Take good care and keep spreading the word for all those missing kids. Tracey.

Ruthie Rader said...

I am going to complete the project for Kyron, this weekend. I will then be able to buy a new computer and hide out from the heat, somewhere (I hate Summer, sorry but I do) and create the section for Kyron.

BTW, off-subject, but I read yesterday that the Queen is going to make Kate do curtsies (sp?) in front of the "blood princesses" when William isn't with her.

Ummm...'splain. I like Kate. And she better never end up like you-know-who. I want Kate to live happily ever after. I saw her wedding.

Anonymous said...

It's nice that you are doing something for Kyron and every little bit helps.

Can't speak for the Queen but I get the impression Kate is her own woman, I don't think she will end up like you know who as she and William are in love and have not had an arranged marriage!