Saturday, June 23, 2012

What Happened To Me In Iowa--Part Four

I told the female, city officer from Algona, that I was not in the
condition to go back
out on the road. I asked her for help. She refused to help me.
Instead, she drove me out of the City limits to a Deputy who then
drove me to a spot
that was located about 17 miles outside of Fort Dodge, Iowa. The male
Deputy left
me there and drove away.
There I was, crumpled up and in pain, sitting on my pack, at a
four-way stop, in a
rural location...left to fend for myself.
A female officer, named April, eventually showed-up but she refused to
drive me into
town. She said that her "supervisor" told her that she could not
transport me into
Fort Dodge. And yes, that is exactly what she said.
I asked her for help and I didn't get it.
She then got back into her patrol car and she drove away and left me, too.
After that, I sat there and tried and tried to get a ride. Nobody
stopped except for a
really creepy couple who looked like they were making a delivery run
from their meth
lab. I didn't take the ride.
I had no way of defending myself if they turned-out to be bad people.
I was too injured
and vulnerable at that point.
Finally, as the sun was setting, a woman drove me into the Fort Dodge
YWCA. I asked
the woman working there if I could stay there, overnight. She called
her boss and handed
the phone over to me. The first thing that the man said was: "Give me
one good reason why
I should let you stay there, tonight."
I took a breath and I replied: "That is not my decision to make.
Whether or not I am safe tonight
is totally up to you."
He let me stay until 8:30am the next day.

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