Saturday, June 23, 2012

What Happened To Me In Iowa--Part One

The following includes outtakes from an email to an official source:

On Saturday, June 16, 2012, I hitchhiked into the State of Iowa from
Minnesota. I ended up in a community
near Armstrong, Iowa. It was getting late in the day and I didn't get
any assistance in the little town that I
was dropped-off in so I contacted the Sheriff's Office in that County.
A Deputy responded and he contacted
the Chief of Police in Armstrong and asked him if I could stay in
their city park, overnight. The Chief made it
very clear that I was not welcome there. The Deputy then contacted a
church in the small town that I was in
and asked if I could stay in their church building overnight. The
Pastor tersely declined.
So the Deputy did the only thing that he could: He dropped me off on
the highway, by nothing but cornfields
and a four-way stop...and left me there. My friend from Alabama just
happened to text me and I told her
where I was. She got mad.
So she called the Sheriff's Office and told them to come get me and
take me to the next town. My friend Lori
is like that.
In the meantime, a man finally stopped and he took me up the road a
few miles. As he was dropping me off,
a Deputy pulled in behind us and he asked who I was. I told him. He
said that he was supposed to drive me to
Algona. So I got into his rig and he took me to the local police
station in Algona.
All I wanted was a place to put my head down on my pack and go to
sleep. I was exhausted...not picky.
But the Algona cops offered me a room at the local Super 8 for the
night, which I gratefully accepted and I
wearily trudged up and over the hill and down by the bridge to the
motel. I stayed there overnight and then
went to the nearby HyVee (sp?) grocery store, which is located behind
the Family Table Restaurant, to get
some groceries for the road. (I have an EBT food credit card from Oregon)
I got the groceries. Then I slung my backpack over my shoulders and
headed over to the sidewalk in front of the
Family Table Restaurant.
I had my backpack on my back and my three-year-old Studio Dell full-sized
laptop, was in my backpack. So the pack
was rather heavy. I had two plastic bags filled with groceries in my left hand.
I noticed a road sign and a mileage sign and a Sinclair gas station up
ahead. I needed directions to the next leg
of my journey. I was walking and looking ahead. I was on a public
sidewalk and assumed that I was safe. I wasn't.

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