Saturday, June 23, 2012

What Happened To Me In Iowa--Part Three

At the hospital, the nurses were nice but the doctor was not. He seemed
set on just minimizing my injuries and wasn't one bit friendly.
He made me get two x-rays of my face (hello, anybody there ever heard
of a CAT scan?) and two shots of my right hand.
Then he glued a cut on my nose, tried to put a ridiculous and innapropriate splint-gizmo on my hand (which was not the proper thing to do for my
hand) gave the nurse some discharge papers and then disappeared.
I left the splint gizmo there because I knew that it wasn't the right thing to
put on my hand (I was right) and then went into a nearby restroom to
change my clothes and wash the blood out of my hair.
I was clearly in very rough shape.
The stupid doctor even said, that the only thing he noticed, as a real problem
with my right thumb, according to the x-rays, was that I had arthritis. (Bull!)
He did nothing else with my nose, at all. Nor did he even mention the
chip in my right, front tooth.
I walked out of the ladies room and the same female cop who had come to see
what happened after I fell, was standing in the ER waiting room. She told me to go
with her and she said that she was going to drive me out to a Deputy who was
then going to drive me to the County line and drop me off.
(Are you beginning to see why I have contacted you?)
I will state right here, for the record, that I was in no shape,
whatsoever, to go
back on the road, that day. I was banged-up and in pain. I felt bad and looked
worse. But that didn't matter to the City of Algona that day. It didn't matter to them,
at all.

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