Saturday, June 23, 2012

What Happened To Me In Iowa--Part Two

There is a rise, of at least four inches, on the sidewalk and I walked
right into it.
I floundered for a second, trying to catch my balance, and then I fell.
The weight from the backpack pushed me forward and down. I tried to break my
fall with my right hand and bent my thumb back, instead.
I continued to fall and smacked, face-on, into the concrete.
The world went to stars for a second and then I feebly rolled over
onto my back,
with the backpack still strapped to my shoulders.
I struggled and finally sat up. My nose started bleeding profusely and
it hurt like
you can imagine. My lip puffed, my right hand began to swell, my right
front tooth
hurt and I suddenly had a really nasty headache.
I called for help. I thought it was best to stay where I was and have
someone come
to me rather than trying to get up by myself and go look for assistance.
People came...which is why I don't blame this problem on all of the
good people who
live in Algona...I blame it on the ones who are responsible for the
condition of that
particular stretch of sidewalk and on the people who didn't treat me
like they should
A woman, named Samantha, works at the Family Table Restaurant and she saw what
happened, came to my aid and stayed by my side until the ambulance
came. She is a
Before the ambulance arrived, a female city police officer came and
took in the situation.
Then the ambulance arrived and took me to the local hospital there in Algona.

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