Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I am in Pennsylvania, now and I am totally fed up.

I was going to post some photos with this update, but because of the ridiculous constraints on the computers at this particular library, I am not going to be able to do that.


I spent the day, staying out of the heat, this past Saturday, at the shelter in Findlay, Ohio. Later that night, at 11:30 pm, I left the shelter. The women in the back dorm were making too much noise and when I told the guy who was supposed to be working there, he just threw up his hands and shrugged his shoulders.

The idiot.

So I packed-up my things and left.

I walked down a little ways and then sat down on a porch step to be local business, and called the police. I told them what was going on and they suggested that I spend the rest of the night sitting at a picnic table that is located right in front of their building. So I did.

The next morning, I walked up to a nearby grocery store, got some food and drink, and then walked back to the picnic table and had some breakfast. When I was finished, I threw the garbage away and began the long walk out of Findlay.

I walked several miles before an older gentleman, with a good heart, stopped and picked me up. He drove me to the edge of town and dropped me off.

I put out my thumb...and nothing happened.

Hours passed by and I was still sitting on the guardrail, waiting for a ride.

Finally, a young man stopped and offered to take me to the next town...and then he changed his mind and drove me much farther than he had originally planned. I spent the day, getting in and out of vehicles. At the end of the day, I was standing by yet another guard rail, outside of Dover, Ohio.

That is when Christopher arrived and brought me to New Philadelphia, Ohio. We drove over to the shelter, there, and we were surprised to find a big, four-story building. We thought that it would be easy to get me in that building for the night.

We were wrong.

When we contacted the worker there, we were told that they have a "process" that they use in "admitting" "clients" and that it could not be done on a Sunday. It would have to wait until the next day, (Monday).

"But she needs a place to stay, tonight" said Christopher, when he called the shelter from his phone in the car.

They said that "those are the rules" and disconnected the call.

So, Christopher, who was mad at the failure of the so-called New Philadelphia "provider-system", brought me down to a local motel and bought me a room. I thanked him, took a long bath, ate some Mickey D's chicken nuggets and then went to bed, listening to an old movie on the flat screen TV.

Yesterday, (which was Christopher's day off...he works an an EMT) Christopher called me and then came back and got me. He drove me to Canfield, Ohio and from there, I got several rides to a spot outside of  Poland, Ohio.

I was just a few miles from the Pennsylvania border.

I was sitting on my backpack, in a perfect area for someone to pull over and pick me up. And then...nobody did.

I waited in the sun, by the side of that highway, for hours.

Finally, at about 6:30pm yesterday evening, a local Poland cop pulled over and then transported me to the small city of New Castle, Pennsylvania.

Two cops from New Castle met me there, gave me some cold bottled water and then drove me to the local shelter, last night. Because of the rigmarole that we had to go through to get me in the shelter (they have an effin "process", too) I didn't get to the shelter until 8:00pm last night.

I managed to eat pork-and-beans and peaches (one can of each) and washed it down with more bottled water. Then I took a shower and went to bed. At that point, I need sleep.

I still do.

My roommate (Miss Passive-Aggressive, who didn't want me to share "her" room) decided to run her little fan, which sounded like the back end of a 747 jet, all night.

I went to a local grocery store, this morning. A man sauntered after me and declared, "You can't just walk around in here with that backpack...you have to leave it at the service desk!"

"Okay, Grocery Gus, whatever you say" I replied, as I took it off one of my shoulders. The man reached over and pulled the pack off my other shoulder and walked away with it.

(This story will continue in the next post...)

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