Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kyron Isn't The Only Child That Terri Lost


Why did you bring my name into your verbal battle?

I'm wondering.

I don't see your point in doing so, but since you did...

I am aware of the comments that you are now leaving on another blog. And as you leave them, you are leaving an Internet bread crumb path, back to where you are.

But you already know that, don't you?

What do you expect to accomplish by leaving stupid words on that other blog?

And why do you insist upon remaining (yeah, right) "anonymous"?

You aren't, you know.

And the only person in this equation that is posting "lies and misinformation" is you. You feed off of that.

You were such a cute little girl once.

It's too bad that you let go of that child within yourself...and then grew up and made another child disappear.

I'm sure that you can't find a trace of  your  inner child, anymore.

But...Terri...where is Kyron?

1 comment:

Juli Henry said...

What an amazing post. She may even get a judge who will ask her the same thing. I hope she finds that little girl again before court.