Friday, July 27, 2012

New Growth From The Same Tree


I will leave State College, Pennsylvania today. And I will go back on the road with the understanding that I was just an observer.

The mess that I will leave behind isn't mine. And it will be up to this college town to clean it up.

I took the photo (above) this morning...while I was drinking my coffee. I looked up and noticed a few small leaves...unfurling and growing...among the bouquet of older leaves on a tree.

And I decided that it is a perfect illustration of what will have to happen this community...where the campus bells once rang and perversity continued...for a horribly wrong time.

My new friend (who let me stay at her home for the past two days) showed me a past issue of "Town And Gown" magazine that, beginning with the article on page 25 (the link that I've provided gives you an option to read it) extols the virtues of Mr. JoePa.

I am surprised by the severity of the sanctions that were levied on Penn State. Those sanctions will have a ripple-effect across the entire City and the rest of Pennsylvania. The punishment is sad and it is hard. But then, so was the crime.

However, in the midst of the whole ordeal, a nice lady who likes to water flowers, did the right thing and opened her home to me.

She fed me healthy food and let me sleep in an upstairs bedroom that included a private bathroom. I showered and slept in peace...well...until the storm rolled in yesterday.

Storm Damages Elmira, New York

Of course, the suspected tornado struck Elmira after I had my Recent Experience in that Upstate New York city.

It's amazing how that worked out, isn't it?

Yesterday, the lady who took me in and I tried to find a place for me to stay for the next four days. We were unsuccessful.

So the lady gave me ten bucks and drove me back to the church building where I first met her.

She has already talked to her friend in Florida who says that if I don't find any other option, he will pay for me to stay in a motel, tonight.

I will see how everything turns a matter of hours.

Wish me luck.

We will all move forward...Penn State...State College...Elmira, New York...and me.

And how we fare will likely depend on how we all new leaves on the same tree.


Juli Henry said...

Her flowers are beautiful and she sounds beautiful, too. I'm glad you were not on the road in this part of the country when it was 107 degrees outside.

Ruthie Rader said...

It was bad enough when I was sitting by the road, in Illinois, when the heat index rose to 117. my new post!

Ruthie Rader said...

Also, those are not her flowers. Those flowers all grow by the State College public library.