Monday, July 30, 2012

Regarding Roseburg

Crazy creeps out of so many corners. It bursts from a variety of canisters.

The latest shooter in Colorado illustrates my point.

His brain-plane ran out of rational fuel, took a dive and crashed into a killing field.

Zoom-zoom, boom.

And then there's Terri Moulton (No-Longer-A-Horman). I think that she is certifiably nuts.

I believe that, deep inside Terri's corroded cranium, is a crinkled line of thinking.

It resembles a red-haired gremlin that is constantly running one finger over its lips and making a "b-b-b-bub-b-b-b-thbz" sound.

Yeah, kind of like that.

They're similar, you know: Terri Moulton and James Holmes. They both prefer red hair. They are both linked to a crime against an innocent person. They're both considered to be insane by the majority of the general public. They both threw away what could have been a fantastic life. They are both surrounded by legal counsel. They are both well-known by the media...and hated by most of those who are following their stories.

Yes, Holmes and Moulton are very much the same. They both thrive on the destruction of everything that is sacred and precious in life.

Juli asked me if anyone commented on Terri's photograph that depicts her image when she was two-years-old. I will say this about that:

From Terri's first steps in those big boots to James Holmes last step through the judicial comment will replace this one:

They are both damned souls...walking.


Juli Henry said...

They both look disgusting in orange, too.

Ruthie Rader said...

They're disgusting in any color.