Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I was amazed by the officer's stupidity.

"No" I answered, giving both cops a straight and direct look. I was now wide awake...and more than a little ticked-off.

"I will say this one more time: I just finished hitchhiking across the Country from the State of Oregon to here. It's the middle of the night, I'm tired and I don't have anywhere else to rest in this town."

The two cops looked at each other again and then one of them said, "Why don't you go sleep farther back in the park where people won't really see you?"

I glared at him and replied, "Because, officer, I think it will be much safer for me to stay here. And this is where I'm staying."

The two cops knew that I meant every word that I said.

In the end, they left and I slowly looked at the houses around me. Then, in a loud voice, I told anyone who might have been listening (since the cops had mentioned that somebody had "complained" that I was sleeping on the bench) a few choice words. I challenged whomever had made the initial complaint to come on over and tell me to my face.

The neighborhood remained silent and nobody bothered me for the rest of the night.

In the morning, I wandered down a few streets to the Salvation Army corps center and met a nice man who works there named Gordy. He brought me a cup of cider and told me that they would be opening up for breakfast, soon. Then another woman came out and brought me a hot cup of coffee.

I began to feel better.

Then the building opened up and I enjoyed a bodacious breakfast that included blueberry pancakes and cereal. I drank juice and more coffee and then I took a shower. I also got clean clothes from the clothing closet.


After lunch, the Captain and his wife, along with their daughter, took me to the beginning of highway 59 and dropped me off there. I hitchhiked from there to Bradford, Pennsylvania, where I am now. I have been here since Thursday night. I am leaving here tomorrow morning.

I'm looking forward to going through New York.

And watch out, Jerry Springer...I'm getting closer.

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