Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update

                                       -ALL PHOTOS AND EDITS BY RUTH RADER-

It has been quite a Summer, for me, on the road! I hitchhiked from Central Oregon to Eastern Upstate New York. I broke my nose, smashed a laptop, sweltered when the heat index reached 117 and dodged lightening bolts by the side of a country road.

I replaced my laptop, my nose healed, I reached a cooler climate and I haven't been blown-away by a twister. Yet.

Today, I am going back on the road. I am in Ohio.

I have slept in motels, in a gazebo in a park and in people's homes. I have had to sit in a cold, pouring rain and pee behind a tree. I have had to face drunks, idiots and hard-nosed, small town rednecks. I have also had to deal with crabby country cops and snooty, asinine city cops, too.

Some of the cops have been alright but some of them don't, in my opinion, deserve the badge that they wear.

I have called "Christian" congregations and I've never received a call back. I have been embraced by people who barely know me. I have been left at a rural county line after breaking my nose, chipping my right front tooth and dislocating my right thumb. I was forced by a cop, who has no business being one, to walk through the entire city of Brunswick, Ohio. But, as luck would have it, I eventually got a ride with a man who has serious ties to that city.

I have snored among six pillows in a Quality Inn and cringed in a motel-from-hell that smelled like dead rats.

People have shared family stories, photographs, jokes and prayers. Some folks have laughed at my humorous observations and some people have cried in my arms. I have been considered to be a humble saint, a suspicious person, a sensitive savior and a total troublemaker.

I have thrilled some folks and really pissed-off others. I have met happy people, haters, hoarders and hicks. Some people have stopped and handed me a cold, bottle of water while others have deliberately roared past me in a cloud of black smoke.

Some people have something to stand for and other people do their best work while praying on their knees.


This is your day. Make of it what you will.

Ruthie In The Sky~*


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