Sunday, August 12, 2012

James Moulton: For More Than One Reason


Someone sent me a comment, yesterday, in defense of James Moulton. As most of you know, James is the son of Terri Moulton (No-Longer-A-Horman). The poster feels "badly" for James, apparently because as James and Kyron (Horman) were growing up, Terri was a raging, psycho harridan to both of them.

Now Kyron is missing and James is still stuck with Terri The Terrible. Awww...poor James.

Poor James, my ass.

I have no sympathy for James, at all. Nope. Because I not only think that James is covering-up for his mother, I believe that he is in cahoots with her. And nobody has stopped James from opening his mouth and sharing what he knows. He has never spoken his peace, IN DEFENSE OF HIS BROTHER, KYRON...because he doesn't want to.

So now James is going to play soldier?

Who's he going to defend...all of the other gutless wonders like him?

And when Kyron reaches his hand out...will James ever reach back?

James Moulton will never do anything worthwhile in the military. Considering the fact that, since Kyron went missing, James hasn't even been able to find his own backbone.

A song for James...for more than one reason:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to post the nice James Taylor ditty.In my mind I didn't think my comment was exactly in support of James, but rather more in the idea of understanding.I don't think saying feeling sorry for someone is the same as supporting them, but this is a question of interpretation and if you wish to think so, it's your privilege.
I don't know if James had anything to do with Kyron's disappearance or if he knows directly what happened.Hopefully when he gives his disposition he'll tell the truth.But he sure can say a lot about homelife and events leading up.One thing you should know..I am NOT a Terri supporter in disguise; I abhor whatever was done to Kyron and totally detest Terri and her enabling family. Have a nice time and if you ever make "down South", we'll have margaritas by the pool.

Juli Henry said...

I wish I had kept a count over the months of the hits from military bases caught by my tracker for my blog that have come from military bases. A lot of military people care about Kyron, too. In fact, when James goes to boot camp, he will probably be the only person in any branch who is NOT willing to do whatever he can to help find Kyron. Boot camp will not be much fun for him, and his whole military career might be ruined before it even starts if he is not man enough to stand up to his incubator.

Ruthie Rader said...

To Anonymous: I don't concern myself with who "supports" Terri. Those who are on the sidelines are just that...aware but not involved.
I do, however, realize that margaritas are best delivered with less of a casual stir and more with a serious shake.
And whether one chooses tequila or vodka...or a combination of both...the ultimate effect might just stand those glasses straight up.
It is my opinion, as you have already noted, that James cannot be trusted. If James cared one bit about Kyron, he would have spoken up right after Kyron disappeared. He didn't...I believe...because he didn't have the conscience or the balls. It appears that he still doesn't...mi amigo.

Ruthie Rader said...

Ms. Juli...I read your "incubator" reference to Terri and just roared!
And yes, the military crew are quite familiar and interested in this case.
"Yes, Ma'am, it was just another flash of friendly fire. We're sooo sorry, Uncle Albert...I mean, Sam."

Juli Henry said...

Hey Ruthie......Judge Kantor denied Terri Horman's motion for an abatement! I still haven't heard anything about James, though.

Juli Henry said...

OMG! The motion to supress James's testimony was also denied!!!!!! Go Desiree!!!