Thursday, August 02, 2012

James Moulton: Going Guilty Into Battle?


Terri Moulton: Circling The Wagons
James Moulton: Joining Up Or Running Away?

This isn't about lawyers or procedures or headlines or someones decision to be a coward for one more day. This is about Kyron, who was born with the right to grow into manhood like every other boy in this Country.

Nobody grabbed Terri or Steve or Peter or James and made them disappear.

Terri and Steve and Peter and James entered adulthood, with the ability to pursue their future, in complete freedom.

But where is Kyron's freedom, now?

I wonder if James' silence is the result of guilt...fear...or shame. He knows what he should do and no words or actions from an attorney or his mother will change that.

And if James goes into the military, he will never don a uniform or fire a gun and make the truth go away. The truth is won't ever change.

I believe that James Moulton knows what happened to Kyron. isn't what he or Terri or Steve or Peter knows that is the pivotal fact, here.

It's what Kyron knows that matters the most.

And while James and Terri and Steve and Peter scramble to keep silent... is Kyron, himself...who should now have the chance to speak.


Anonymous said...

It's been reported that Terri was extremely strict with Kyron and it would be interesting to hear firsthand what homelife really was like with Mommy Dearest. James is the only one in Terri's circle that I've felt badly for.

Ruthie Rader said...

Oh really?

You feel "badly" for James?


I sure don't.

As far as I can see, now, he's just as guilty as his mother is.

You're implying that James Moulton is a half-grown, helpless waif. He isn't.

James strikes me as being a deceitful, conniving, manipulative operator...just like Terri is. And nobody has stopped him from speaking up. No one ever has.

"Do you know who I am?" he said, once.

Who me? No, I don't know nothin', Bubba. Nah, not a thing.