Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kyron Horman Featured On "AMW" Again


Kyron Horman Featured On "AMW" Again

John Walsh and the producers of "America's Most Wanted" are once again inspiring the public to help find missing (now nine-year-old) Kyron Richard Horman.

And I bet that the timing of this latest effort is no coincidence.

Desiree Young is doing her best, via her ten-million dollar lawsuit, to pull Terri Moulton (No-Longer-A-Horman) out of the hole of denial that Moulton has been hiding in.

"AMW's" new episode will help to once again bring Kyron's story back into the public consciousness. And that, I am sure, will frustrate Ms. Moulton even more than she is now.

But then...Terri will make all of  her nasty stress go away if she tells the truth.

If she continues to keep quiet, it's a pretty sure thing that investigators and the general public will keep right on talking...until Kyron comes home.

Thank you, "America's Most Wanted."

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