Monday, August 27, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update


Rain finally fell on the corn, here in Illinois, today. But it is too little, too late. The weather this year ruined a great deal of the crops in this Midwestern State.

Mother Nature has truly gone crazy this year.

You can watch her insanity unfold here.

There are mixed messages coming out about Tropical Storm/Hurricane "Isaac." But the storm has earned a place on Wikipedia.

Meanwhile, I have been slowly crossing back across the Country, from Eastern Upstate New York.

I recently spent a few days at a log house. The couple built the house and have filled it with antiques, including this old Admiral television set. The TV is built into a cabinet that also features an old tone arm, turntable and a large, cloth-covered speaker. An ancient tube-equipped radio is also part of that package.

The house is surrounded by flowers, butterflies, hummingbirds and natural beauty.

After a couple of days, my new friends drove me into Illinois. And it was by a rural stretch of highway 136, that I took the following photographs:

Now, I am in Monmouth, Illinois. I will go back on the road, today. And I hope that Mother Nature will be merciful to everyone.

She won't be ignored...that's for sure.

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