Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update


I am miles past the junction point that is pictured, above. Now I am in a small-town city in Iowa, that is situated next to the Mississippi River.

When I left Illinois, I wasn't looking forward to returning to Iowa, again. But when the last ride dropped me off in this community, I found out that there are still some great people who live in this State.

And one of those great people is named Maggie. She manages the place that I am staying right now. It is the "Club Med" of shelters, that's for sure.

I have my own room, which, in itself, is a blessing. But my room includes:


Air conditioning, a full-sized refrigerator, two mirrors (one is full-length), shelves, a place to hang clothes, a large clock on the wall and very nice (and unique) Compaq lighting.

There are two bathrooms and a large TV set with full cable. And the shelter includes a washer and dryer and (are you ready for this?) a soda machine and accessible Internet wi-fi.

The price per night?

Ask Maggie.

I have good food to eat (compliments of the shelter and it is sitting on a shelf/stored in the refrigerator in my room, right now). Fancy soaps, shampoos and lotions are stacked for my use in the bathrooms.
There is a microwave and a sink for washing dishes, in the little kitchenette.

Children are also at the shelter, but because of Maggie's behavior expectations and my private room, it is okay with me.

I will stay at the shelter until Friday. And then I will get back on the road, again. With a better attitude about Iowa.

It's about time.

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