Sunday, September 02, 2012

From The Other Chair...


From the other chair...

I have been relaxing in this chair all day. It's a great place to stretch my legs out while banging away on my laptop.

I watched the movie, "The Cowboys", today on AMC. I really enjoyed watching John Wayne punch the devil out of Bruce Dern. That is...until Dern got hold of a gun and shot the Duke.

But the scene that really got to me was the one where Wayne tries to get one of the boys to stop stuttering. If you watch closely, it looks like John Wayne wipes a tear from his own eye, as he's walking away:

And that made me think about the speech made by another former movie gunslinger, Clint Eastwood.

But John Wayne's character pushed home his point like a man with his boots on. Eastwood mumbled, gestured and, at times, appeared almost as feeble as his now-white wisps of hair.

Mr. Eastwood didn't really cry over the current unemployment statistics. And during his 12-minute delivery, he never offered one solution to the jobless rate in our Country, either

He just, in my opinion, made an Old-Fart-Fool of himself.

In fact, Eastwood only made two suggestions that I feel that the Republican Party should consider doing, right now. And one of those requests is to just SHUT UP.

I sit in a moderate chair and I'm satisfied that I'm me. I don't have all of the much-needed answers and neither does Clint Eastwood or Mitt Romney.

I don't suppose that John Wayne, sitting on a horse, ever had all of the answers, either. But one thing is indisputable: When John Wayne spoke his peace, everyone...sitting or standing...heard HIM.

Perhaps it isn't so much of "Make My Day" that we need to hear, right now, anyway. After all, Clint Eastwood said, himself, the other night, that he "doesn't say those words, anymore."

Maybe we just need to hear someone like John Wayne declare, "I'LL MAKE A WAY."

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