Thursday, September 06, 2012

Good Heavens!

I discovered this discussion late today.

This is the comment that I left in response:

[ Regarding the homeless woman who has invaded the wife's life..I have this to say about that:

Madam, are you bugged because this woman is homeless or because she is a younger female?

And why, are you all of a sudden noticing, that your husband isn't putting any earned bread into the marriage basket?

You've been married for many years, so why do you now feel insecure about your husband's fidelity?

You locked your new house guest into a stereotype, when you labeled her "homeless." Your letter would not have got my attention if you just referred to the female as a woman, period. Your letter carries the implication that all homeless women are bad. I disagree with that.

Would you be all wound up, if the woman was financially independent but she needed a bunk because her split-level just burned down?

I mean, really now.

I am homeless...but I think you should take another look at homeless women through my eyes. Because I don't know if this message board accepts links, I will just share my seven-year-old blog, this way:
"Ruthie In The Sky"
Google it and please don't blame anything negative in your marriage...just on socioeconomics. Thank you.]

It really sounds like this wife is having a serious Demi Moore moment.

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