Saturday, September 22, 2012

From My Happy Place On The Road

I got a comment that I have decided to answer. The person who sent it deserves these words:

You're jealous.

You're tied into a life that you aren't happy with and my existence just rubs your nose into that fact.

I don't expect a hotel room (I know exactly who you are, by the way) or to be invited into someone's home. But those moments always open the door to some wonderful opportunities to share.

You wouldn't understand what I mean by that...since you keep the door to your own home...locked almost as tight as the bars over your heart.

You bitter, shriveled-up, artificial excuse of a human being.

Anything that you do is done out of a sense of duty...and never as a result of simple, human kindness.

You write crabby...have you ever asked yourself why?

No, everyone is not creepy and out to get me. You wish that was the truth. But it isn't. And that fact just drives you crazy, doesn't it?

Gee, maybe you should go see someone about that...before you totally lose control.

Most people are not dangerous...even though you believe that they are. And communities are usually very welcoming. The way you write, I wonder what you glean from your interactions with everyone else. I know that nobody gets near enough positive vibes from you. But then, what more can anyone expect, from a person, who wraps life's miracles in a cloud of suspicion?

And no, "most people" are not afraid to pick up someone who is hitchhiking. If that was the case, I'd still be back in New York.

You fool.

I do agree with the last sentence that you wrote: "I just don't understand what you're doing out there."

That's right. You don't.


Anonymous said...

Great letter Ruthie. I have had the misfortune of knowing corrosive people like the one you wrote the letter to also. Small minded and sad. They don't lift people up, they cause others to stumble and fall. They are small and threatened and fearful and ignorant and jealous.
There are two kinds of people in this world, those who lift you up and those who bring you down, and Ruthie you said it, we need to flip off the negative detractors, keep calm and carry on. Like the kids say, my haters are my motivators!! :)
Stay the course Ruthie, there are so many of us out there who love and admire you. Looking forward to my next Ruthie fix too!!!

Ruthie Rader said...

I'm looking forward to my next Mountain Dew, if there's a bottle left in the machine, that is.

There was and I got it!! Ha! Ha!

Turning to the nicely chilled, green bottle in my hand, I sing..."Come to meeee and be my loveeeee."


Thank you for your beautiful words. Sincerely, Ruthie who shall remain a hermit until tomorrow.