Monday, September 03, 2012

Kaine Horman Talks With Jane Velez-Mitchell

Missing Kyron Horman's father, Kaine Horman...makes it all clear, again.


Anonymous said...

Hello Ruthie,
First let me say that you are an inspiration and joy. Your independence, courage, self determination and sense of adventure are lost arts that most Americans have lost the ability to live out and appreciate. I love your writing and look forward to your blog, checking it often to see where you might be and how you are doing along the way. Love your insight and commentary on the people and organizations you meet and interact with too. I am in agreement with you, Terri Moulton is responsible and knows what happened to little Kyron. Thanks for your thoughts and vision and not letting up on this. And don't let the pro Moulton crowd discourage you in any way. I know I don't. Ruthie, you are a joy as a strong woman, free spirit and essence of thelost art of American free will. You boil it all down to what's important, a bed a warm meal and freedom to live as you choose. You go girl and stay safe and smart. Are you watching the Dem.convention tonight? I think you would like it. Warm Regards and Best Always, Carolyn

Ruthie Rader said...

I have a nice flat screen TV to watch it on. And now I am out on the to a lovely mom-and-pop in a very small town in Iowa.
However, I am paying attention to the weather, as well, tonight. Big storms are popping-up all over this region.
I won't let anyone or anything keep me from focusing on Kyron. The bad people are going to find out that there are too many of us out there to stop. God works that way...He loves our boy, too.
When it comes right down to it, Terri Moulton is a piss ant in the cosmos. Eventually, she will be forced to face that fact. Justice is justice. I have great faith in Mr. Rosenthal. I'm sure that he will do his best.
I hold, with great respect, the efforts that Desiree, Tony (who likely works behind the scenes) and Kaine are making to find Kyron.
That is as it should be.
And thank you for your kind words, Carolyn. I will carry them with me when I go back on the road, tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ruthie,
Hi! Hope you had a good day. Don't know if you're on the road tonight or settled in. I hope you're somewhere safe and cozy or at least somewhere interesting and fun. Thanks for your reply to my comment. I meant it, Ruthie, you are an inspiration and a treasure, don't ever forget that! And, Terri Moulton truly is a piss ant in the cosmos, isn't she? hahahahahahahaha. One day we'll know the truth and I think there is so much more evidence. They are releasing nothing because that evidence will eventually be used in a court of law. Hopefully Atty. Rosenthal will be able to fill in alot of the blanks with the civil suit and Kyrons parents will get some answers in the not too distant future.
Have a good night, Ruthie. Think about you and never forget how cool you are girl!!
Warm Regards,

Ruthie Rader said...

Thank you, Carolyn.

There are some unusual statements coming out of the quagmire, now.

And the usual sniffing around.

I truly believe that Kyron's captors are beginning to get nervous.

Please know that there are cards that are being kept close to the Kevlar vest, for now.

We all love Kyron in our own way and that love will bring him home.

Thank you for your comments.