Sunday, September 02, 2012

Let's Make A Deal, James Moulton

How much money is it going to take... to make you turn your mother in, James Moulton?

Name the price in dollars.

Oh come on,'ve kept your mouth shut about your little brother, Kyron for all this time. So I know that Kyron doesn't mean that much to you.

So it must be a substantial financial offer that you're waiting for.

Poor Kyron...that young boy couldn't even count on his own brother.

You are Kyron's brother, aren't you, James?

Judas turned in Jesus Christ for thirty-pieces of silver. Your mother isn't Holy, James...but Kyron is precious.

So how much payment do you want, James?

Desiree Young wants $10,000,000 and her son back.

How much are you going to charge to do the right thing?

What's your mother's value next to Kyron's?

How much will it cost to finally do the right thing?

How much will it cost Kyron if you don't?

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Ruthie Rader said...

In response to Anonymous:


I know the track I'm on and it's a straight one.

You're upset because I'm aiming the hot light right at Terri and her son, James.

And you can't handle that?