Friday, September 14, 2012

My Letter To Kyron~*

This is my letter to Kyron...these are my words...but once these words (if ever) are read by the missing (now ten-years-young) boy from Portland, Oregon...KYRON RICHARD HORMAN...then these words will belong to him.


I want you to know that I didn't forget your birthday, young boy. In fact, my own birthday is on September tenth. So life adds a candle to your cake just one day before I get a new one on mine, every year. But I've been on the road, this past week, trying very hard to return to Oregon. So, I haven't been able to type out this letter to you...until now.

We all remember you, Kyron. So many of us who have never had the pleasure of actually meeting you, in person. We all think about you, young boy and we draw pictures, create videos, compose songs, send prayers and discuss your case. We don't do this because it's a voyeuristic thing to do. We do it because you deserve it. And oh, Kyron... you deserve so much more than this!

After two-years and a few months, it's still hard for many of us to understand how someone else could have forgotten just how perfectly amazing you are. Some of us have only seen you in photographs and videos and on posters. We have seen that special spark, that you were born with, from a distance. But we have still seen it.

There is a man, who lost his own son , years ago, who cares a great deal about you, too, Kyron. His name is John Walsh. He is a good person. And he very much wants you to be found.

That is why he will include a new feature about you , tonight, on the "Lifetime" network. And a large audience will see it.

Count on it, Kyron.

The evil that took you away has no real claims on you. It never has and it never will.

And we still hear you crying out for justice. I promise you that we all will remain, steadfast, in our efforts to bring you back. Yes, we will.

That's why so much is being done NOW , over two years find you. Because we know that it will be done.

The truth of what happened to you will be revealed. No matter what an attorney declares or what a screwed-up individual posts on a media message us...WE WILL FIND YOU.

I believe that shame, that comes from committing a crime in "secret"...has no time limit. I bet that there's someone out there who is ashamed. Someone who may even know where you are.

Perhaps, Kyron, that person will now come forward.

I'm writing this, today, because I am going to be on the road and unable to watch the new episode on "America's Most Wanted", tonight. But I will be thinking of you and praying for you, tonight, too, young boy.

Keep The Faith, Kyron~*

Like We All Keep You In Our Heart~*


A Distant Friend...



Juli Henry said...

AMW's camara crew waited outside Terri's parents' house until Terri came outside. She didn't say anything, but she looked very, very angry. She also looked rounder than she did in 2010. Kinda like a beach ball with arms.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruthie, Thank you for sharing these beautifully written thoughts. Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful letter to Kyron. And Happy Belated Birthday to you, dear Ruthie. Keep up your blog, Ruthie, it's the way friends out there like me who have come to admire and be very fond of you know you're alright. You're writing is fantastic and someday you should think about publishing your blogs in book form, seriously. Keep the faith, girl, you're a treasure to follow. Hope you're getting settled in for the night somewhere safe and warm. Think about you often and again Happy Birthday to You. Warm regards, Carolyn

Juli Henry said...

Thankyou for addressing the letter to Kyron! He is definately old enough to read things for himself, and if he is out there checking the internet, he just might! He needs to know how very welcome he is to come home to his mom and dad.