Saturday, September 08, 2012

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I left the library in Grinnell, Iowa...fifteen-minutes before that library closed for the night. After getting some groceries at a local store, I walked down to the park. That park had been my "sleeping" place, the night before.

A group of young people wandered into the gazebo where I was sitting. I had my groceries all spread out on the picnic table in the gazebo: A picnic meal under the moon.

We discussed the impending storm that had been in the forecast, all day. Then one of the young guys contacted his mother. She came by, took me to a motel and bought me a room, there.

The storm rolled-in and it was atmospheric rock-and-roll for the rest of the night.

I hitchhiked out of Grinnell, yesterday. One ride brought me out to highway 146. And then...after that...nobody stopped. I spent the next 5 1/2 hours getting soaked by a cold rain. But I never got a ride.

No, I just kept looking at that old train bridge, adorned with peace symbols...and wondered why nobody would pick me up.

I finally called the woman who had bought me the motel room, the night before, and asked her to come and get me. She did.

She drove me to another city and then, after some running around, dropped me off on highway 30, heading west.

I got a ride, within minutes and the driver brought me to the edge of Ames, Iowa...where I am right now.

I shivered on the ramp (the temperature, last night, took a dramatic drop) for awhile and then decided that I needed to get somewhere warm. I called the right people, and so did the lady from Grinnell. The next thing that I knew, I was sitting on a big bed, right in front of a flat-screen TV.

I warmed up, there.

Today, I will be back on the road...and the journey will continue.

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