Monday, October 01, 2012

Terri Moulton's Dog Days, Update



Terri Moulton (No Longer A Horman) thought that she would hide-out until the day that she has to walk into court. She was wrong. But then, she has been wrong about many things...from the day that Kyron Horman disappeared.

Now thanks to John Walsh, the producers of  "America's Most Wanted" and the Lifetime channel, we have new video of the bitch. And new still-shots of " Her Lowness, The Queen Of  Crud."

As I watched the video and created the still-shots, I thought: "You are no great shakes, Terri. You really, truly aren't. But you most definitely have gone to the dogs, "Your Arf-ness." And I just bet that those two canines are your BBB's ("Best Bowser Buddies") and your only real friends now, aren't they?

This is just the beginning, Terri. People are going to start coming around you, again. More and more. Over and over and over and...

...Why don't YOU bring Kyron back and make it all stop...Terri?

You've got nothing more to prove...

...except that you still look stupid...even when you walk with dogs.



Anonymous said...

Hi Ruthie, You're in top form with this blog and thank you for the laugh today, even though the circumstances are awful. "Who Let the Dogs Out?" seems appropriate as background music for the video. Have fun and stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Man, does Red Squirel look rough in these photos. Rough and scary! Who she really is on the inside has come through. Nice portrait of her in Monday's article too Ruthie! Kind of like the old movie, The Portrait of Dorian Gray. And, how did you get her to sit that ling to pose for you? haha.
Be safe, love ya Ruthie!! Carolyn

Ruthie Rader said...

My dear Carolyn...I just kept feeding food...and it worked like a charm. LOL!!
But seriously, thank you for the mention of the movie about Dorian Gray. I never heard of that story, before. My post and that story/movie, happened by sheer coincidence.
But it is a lovely comparison.
I,too, was shocked by the video images of the Red Rodent. She was caught without her Maybelline on, that's for sure!
And it is too bad that she just didn't start talking to the "AMW" crew. Who knows what that conversation would have led to?
Look, nobody really cares what Terri looks like, inside or out. What matters is what she did to KYRON and how (and when) she is going to lead investigators back to that boy, again.
And it is unfortunate that Terri is so tied-up with lawyers and her own parents (Carol aka "Mommie Will Handle Everything" and Larry aka "I Know Nothingggg" Moulton).
If Terri would just step away from all of them, for a day, maybe some actual good would come out of her mouth.
I,for one, would just love to sit down somewhere with the Rat and have an honest, relevant conversation.
The offer still stands, Terri.

Anonymous said...

Yes, she is being enabled by her parents, big time. If they didn't provide her with food, shelter and a safe haven and complete isolation, where would she be? She would have to face the world and this would be a completely different story. I wish you could talk with her Ruthie, an honest confrontation is what she needs!!! And you would be the person I would want to do it. Well, I am sure that the depositions are continuing and it's only a matter of time before Atty. Rosenthal has a theory, testimony and the facts he needs. TM can't hide out forever, it won't be long bf she's smoked out and you are right, all the Maybelline on the planet isn't going to help her or make a difference.