Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Rest Of The Way


Summer is finally beginning to fade. It is folding, like a t-shirt, into a box...heading into Mother Nature's Seasonal Closet until next year. And now, Autumn, as well as October, is almost here...

The average temperature, in many parts of the Country, is dropping. Winter is coming to the West and the animals know it.

It is the time of the year, when we gather our thoughts and our harvest...and reconsider the value of both.


This year will soon cross over the dateline and vanish, forever...leaving only a vapor trail of memories, behind. While a new year will be born in a flash of hope and shining new dreams.

And if it is my last one, then I think that this Summer was its own amazing way.


Anonymous said...

Ruthie, what you wrote is beautiful. Just Beautiful. Your metaphors and imagery are descriptive and real and when something is real and honest it makes you want to cry. Folding up summer like a piece of fabric, put away, change and forward movement, the year quickly becoming a memory, vapor. Ruthie, you are one of the most talented, remarkable, cool and courageous women I know. And one heck of a writer!!! I look forward to reading everything you write, seeing the world through your writing. The appreciation and contentment you feel is drink for the thirsty soul. You are an inspiration and joy. Hope you know that! Hope you're settled and warm and safe tonight. Thinking of you. Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Ruthie. The year ending.... and as Barney Fife said when he broke up with Thelma...
"Swept in to the dustbin of history".... :)

Ruthie Rader said...

Excusez-Moi...but the bits-and-pieces of my life do NOT go into a "dustbin."

And Barney...what makes you think that we are through?

You are confused, my dear man.

We are not a long shot.*

Ruthie Rader said...

Thank you, Carolyn. I hope you like the photos that are included in my new road update.

Andie Woodward said...


Your company gave me and my friend one of the best adventures of our lives. Thank you for your introspective look at life and giving us the opportunity to know one of the bravest women I have ever had the opportunity of knowing. Best of luck to you on your life long journey and I hope our paths cross again one day at some random rest stop! -A and T

Andie Woodward said...


Ruthie Rader said...

I know that you thought that you helped me...but you didn't. You, instead, created a situation whereby I had to take a tremendous risk in order to correct the problem. dropped me off at the westbound rest area...without ever considering the fact that there is A CONCRETE BARRIER BETWEEN THE EASTBOUND AND WESTBOUND LANES OF THE INTERSTATE.
So, how, I ask you, did you expect me to get to the other side of the Interstate so that I could hitchhike back to The Dalles??
I ended up walking down the hill, against traffic, until I found a somewhat lower level of the concrete divider between the lanes of Interstate.
And it was there, that I ran for it, climbed onto the divider, hunched down as the next group of traffic, in the eastbound lanes, rushed by me and then finally ran across the last two lanes and onto the shoulder on the other side of the Interstate.
Then I waited in the smoke for six hours before I finally got a ride back into The Dalles.
May we never meet again.