Wednesday, September 05, 2012

These Words Are Welcome

I got a series of comments from a very angry (and obviously unbalanced) individual, the other day. The person doesn't like what I am writing about Terri (No-Longer-A-Horman) and James Moulton.

Fellow-blogger, Juli, heard from the same source. She has dubbed that warped individual, "The New Jersey Troll." I'm not going to publish the troll's comments because there is no point in doing so.

Yesterday, I got another comment, from a much nicer lady. That was followed by an email from still-another individual.

The Comment:

Hello Ruthie, First let me say that you are an inspiration and joy. Your independence, courage, self determination and sense of adventure are lost arts that most Americans have lost the ability to live out and appreciate. I love your writing and look forward to your blog, checking it often to see where you might be and how you are doing along the way. Love your insight and commentary on the people and organizations you meet and interact with too. I am in agreement with you, Terri Moulton is responsible and knows what happened to little Kyron. Thanks for your thoughts and vision and not letting up on this. And don't let the pro Moulton crowd discourage you in any way. I know I don't. Ruthie, you are a joy as a strong woman, free spirit and essence of the lost art of American free will. You boil it all down to what's important, a bed a warm meal and freedom to live as you choose. You go girl and stay safe and smart. Are you watching the Dem.convention tonight? I think you would like it. Warm Regards and Best Always, (Name Withheld)


The Email:

You are a remarkable person. Very intelligent and you appear to be well educated. I started reading your articles following the disappearance of Kyron Horman. His disappearance is still on my heart and I pray that one day they will find him and she will then be judged. Daily I check for news of him. You are a mystery but you are one of this world’s true treasures. Were you possibly at Kent State May 4, 1970? You have mentioned that massacre and you have also mentioned your miracle but never elaborated. I’m just curious. Please be assured that if I ever see you hitchhiking along my path, I will stop and give you a ride. And I am certain that I will enjoy your company. Have a great week. (Name Withheld)


I guarantee, that no matter what anyone sends me, I will always focus on Kyron Horman and his case, until he is found. That is a promise. And to answer the question, no, I was not at Kent State on that particular date. I was still in high school at that time and nowhere near that area. And yes, I have been blessed by miracles. Someday I will explain what they are.

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