Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bye, Bye Summer



I was sitting by the window, drinking a cup of coffee...when a large flock of high-flying  geese...trailed across the sky. That's when it hit me: Summer is gone.

The sun, even at its most brilliant, has taken on a colder cast.

Even the roses are crying as they say goodbye...

And now Autumn, the in us all...

Nature has so many colors to show, before the first snow...


"Sitting downtown in a railway station..."

Bye, bye Summer.


Anonymous said...

Ruthie, Beautiful writing and photos.... You captured the emotions and feelings of early nights, last blooms and longer shadows. Love it!!..... And that cup of joe sure sounds good!! That's a great photo of you!! Be safe... Hope you're settled in for the night,... Carolyn

Ruthie Rader said...

Yes, I am.

Settled in, that is.

And my thoughts are now focusing on both the Kyron Horman and Jessica Ridgeway cases.

Re: To the killer of Jessica Ridgeway--Your day of reckoning is coming, coward.

There are some people that you better not "cross."

Or you're going to find your worthless self hanging on one.

Cross, that is.