Monday, October 22, 2012

Coward: You're Already Dead

I have decided to aim this post directly at the person who murdered Jessica Ridgeway:

You planned the crime, didn't you. You worked it all out in a straight, methodical way. And then you took a beautiful child away from her innocent world.

And when you did that, you proved to the entire world that you are a worthless piece of garbage.

I tell you now, that if someone discovers your hiding place and takes you will die a loser.

Because, sincerely, that is exactly what you are: A stone-blind loser.

By stone-blind, I mean that you can't see anything that is good, beautiful or worthwhile in this world. Your sniveling, gutless and pathetic personality won't let you. Nope.

You're a greasy stain of dung that's ground under a good man's boot.


A cross, eh?

Oh no you don't.

Truly, in God's eyes, you're already dead.

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