Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Desiree Or The Other Way?

Have you ever met somebody who has a hidden agenda?

I think that I met that individual this past weekend.

And my experience with that person has raised some pertinent questions in my mind.

If  that person believes that I am not aware...then that person is very mistaken.

If someone appears to represent ( Kyron Horman's mother ), Desiree Young...then that is fine. However, if the person is NOT, actually,  representing  Ms. Young...then I have a problem with the implied deception.

So, in order to clear up the matter, I want to know:

Has Desiree Young given her personal endorsement to any particular page (or pages) on Facebook or anywhere else on the Internet?

I invite your response. Thank you.


Juli Henry said...

The fund set up by Desiree's sister is legimate. That is the only one that is, too. This, I know, because I went ahead and called the office of the attorney who is handling this case. It's so easy for everyone from fake psychics to fake friends to scam people in cases like this.

Ruthie Rader said...

You are so right, Juli. And that fact really ticks me off.

Right now, at least one coward, if not more, is hiding out and still hoping that time will bury this situation forever.

That won't happen.

Scam artists are just asking for a royal kick in the teeth.

Meanwhile, they should be concerned about getting in the sights of a few investigators...and their points of interest.