Friday, October 05, 2012

Is Facebook Part Of Desiree's Team?

There are many pages, on Facebook, that were created, following the disappearance of Kyron Horman.

Some of those pages are aimed at Terri Moulton (No Longer A Horman), others discuss details that pertain to the rest of the extended clan and still other pages focus on Kyron, himself.

One page is (supposedly) directed at Kyron's mother, Desiree Young. The message, at the top of the main page, declares: "A page to send messages of support to Desiree Young, the mother of missing Kyron Horman." That, along with the many photographs of Desiree with Kyron, that are scattered around the top of the main page, give the distinct impression that this page is monitored by Desiree Young, herself.

Apparently, it isn't. I consider that to be very misleading.

The page is listed as "Team-Desiree." But I really don't think that Desiree Young is in any way, shape or form, part of that so-called "team."

I wouldn't be so concerned about it if I had never met the woman who claims to be the pages' "administrator." But, in fact, I did meet her. And I truly don't like her. That is my prerogative.

But, after spending some time with her, I'm not entirely sure what her agenda is...when it comes to that Facebook page. And so I am asking, now: (If you get the impression, after reading today's posts, that I am "clearing the decks" on a few subjects, you're right.) What's the deal with Team-Desiree?

Does Desiree Young even know about the page?

Recently, my friend, Juli, contacted someone and did a darn, fine job of getting to the bottom of something that is, officially, connected to Kyron's case. I applaud her efforts. So now I am making an effort of my own: Right here.

Please provide me with an honest response.


Anonymous said...

Hi ruthie, I'm Margaret and I recently stumbled upon you and have been reading through your blogs!! Anyway, I looked up that page to see what you were talking about. And i may just have to disagree with you for once. Every post by the administrator is saying things TO desiree. No where does she actually claim to be her, just that she wishes Desiree to have some peace and know that there are people against Terri. The pictures of Desiree and kyron can easily be found online aswell. People have shared those photos too.

I am glad to hear people are still trying to help kyron and to figure out what happened. But tell me this, is saying how much you don't like someone who you may have judged based on a support page and meeting the admin once, REALLY helping the kyron case? If Desiree doesn't know of it, its not horrible. As nothing negative is being said towards her or her precious son. I'm not sure I really understand this post.

Either way, good luck on your travels
~Margaret Mays

Juli Henry said...

If this were about something other than a missing child, perhaps it would not be so horrible. But it would still be a little horrible. Any type of fraud is dishonest. Right now, Kyron's whole family does not know who they can trust, and who they can't. Why throw more strata into the pot for them to sort through?

Ruthie Rader said...

Hello, Margaret. No, the administrator does not lay claim to the fact, outright, that she is Desiree Young. HOWEVER, the wording of the message at the top of the page, the pictures and even the profile photo, gives the impression that Desiree is personally linked to that page. And from what I understand now, she isn't.
And therein, my dear Margaret, is where the problem lies.
I believe that page should carry a clearly-placed disclaimer that says, "This page is not personally endorsed by Desiree Young, nor is it officially linked to the Kyron Horman case."
And the reason for that is because anything that the admin posts (without the above-mentioned disclaimer) could possibly give someone the impression that the admin's views are endorsed by Desiree Young. And that is wrong.
They aren't.
And you bet it's important that people understand that.
Why on earth would anyone create a FB page that asks people to send "words of support to Desiree Young" reality...Desiree never, ever reads those words?
Why, indeed.
It is vital that people protect the integrity of the investigation into Kyron Horman's case. To that end, nobody should create a misleading website that prompts people to leave an important tip via the message option.
Don't think that someone would do that, Margaret?
Think again.
It is entirely possible, that a well-meaning, concerned person might feel more comfortable leaving an important tip (via the message option) at the Team Desiree Facebook page. This is because some people are afraid (they just are) of leaving a tip on a law-enforcement site or even, possibly on Kyron's official website (that is maintained, in part, by Kaine Horman).
So a well-meaning person might be led to think: "Oh, I'll leave the tip with Desiree and her team on Team Desiree.
Which could end up being a major mistake.
Yes, I think that enlightening everyone about what the Team Desiree page is really all about, most certainly IS helping Kyron's case. The concerned public should know exactly what sources should be used to gain or trade information...and which should not.
Team Desiree is a misrepresentation of Desiree Young and Desiree should definately know that it exists.
It is unfortunate that you don't understand my point, Margaret. I've made my point crystal-clear. Team Desiree, on the other hand, has not made anything clear.
My post is directed at the admin and anyone else who is directly connected to that FB page.
You are not connected, Margaret...but thank you for your comments, anyway.

Ruthie Rader said...

Exactly, Juli.

So it makes no sense, at all, for an individual (or individuals) to create a Facebook page, asking for words of support for Desiree (who has no known link to the page, whatsoever) and further confuse things.

Anonymous said...

Ruthie, It's very strange, this FB page. At best, it's a misguided person who does not understand the inappropriateness of putting up a very personal page for someone she has no known connection with or it is something much more intentionally fradualent. Seems to me that if this person is sincere and doing this in good faith, why would they not just come out and explain their motivation. Interesting. Carolyn

Ruthie Rader said...

Yes, and it appears that this person is aware of my blog posts. It sure looks that way on my tracker.

But she chooses to ignore the open questions.

All of this time, I (and others, I bet) thought we were leaving posts for Desiree Young.

I don't get this, either. And I have made every effort to get a response from the administrator for that page.

The opportunity to respond still stands and any official response (that includes a signature) will be published in its entirety.