Monday, October 29, 2012

"Sounds Like The End Of The World"

A friend of mine, who lives in Bronxville Heights, New York, is sending rapid-fire posts to her Facebook page, right now.

She is reporting that power is out, trees are down, everywhere and police, ambulance and fire truck sirens are screaming through her neighborhood.

"It sounds like the end of the world" she just declared.

Now she's reporting that "live wires are sparking."

She's declaring that she's "never seen anything like this in my life!"

Her little boy is scared and says he's going to sleep in the big bed with the folks, tonight.

Ambulances and fire trucks are continuing to scream past the homes of  the ladies who are posting to our discussion on Facebook, right now.

One of the ladies, who lives in Wisconsin, says that CNN is reporting that 28+ foot waves are eventually going to evolve on Lake Michigan.

The ladies (in New York) are now hearing a series of explosions.

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